First Virginia Cavalry
of the
Army of Northern Virginia


Civil War Reenactment Units

Welcome to the home of the 1st Virginia Cavalry Reenactment Units.  We are a group of families and individuals who strive to relive the lives of the soldiers and civilians of the American Civil War.  We portray the 1st Virginia Cavalry, both mounted on horseback and dismounted on foot, and their wives, sweethearts, and even children who struggled through that historic time.

Wearing period style clothing and uniforms, carrying authentic reproductions of weapons and other equipment, and living in a camp style of the times, we enjoy the company of our friends as we seek and learn the history of that great conflict.

We do not glorify war, nor dwell on the politics of that era.  We acknowledge the sacrifices of thousands of brave souls, north and south, and hope to bring a greater understanding of those events to ourselves and to the visiting public who attend our reenactments.  

This site will give you an introduction to our pastime, and to our unit.  Here you may learn a bit of the History of the 1st Virginia Cavalry, our role as Mounted Cavalry, Dismounted Cavalry, and Civilians who participated in Camp Life.

You'll learn about our Uniforms, Weapons, Other Equipment, and Tack.  Our current members may check our Schedule, and prospective new members will learn how to Jine the Cavalry and become one of our companions.


Cavalry Safety Regulations are now available in PDF form by clicking HERE.  Please download and make yourself thoroughly familiar with them.

One of the 1st Virginia Cav units
at Cedar Creek
was featured on the cover of

The Sherando Times

Click on the image to download
a full-sized pdf ( 5.8 meg file, be patient )



Introduction History of the 1st
Virginia Cavalry
 Camp Life  Uniforms  Weapons Other
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